Vive Borikén, as an organization, is committed to positivity. We recognize that in every challenge there is an opportunity to improve and innovate. We fully embrace the position of the great Chinese philosopher Confucius, when he said, “It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.”

Nonetheless, it is crucial to keep in mind the increasing sense of urgency brought about by the debt crisis. As you can imagine, the current situation is taking an enormous toll on the more than 3 million of our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters who live in Puerto Rico and fight every day for its survival as much as their own.

So while complex situations have complex causes, we only mention today’s dilemmas in order to stress the importance of unity movements such as Vive Borikén. We know that even in 

the face of extremely challenging times, with patience and persistence, standing together we can achieve extraordinary things! As with every grassroots movement, Vive Borikén is based on a model of collaboration. We continually use every resource available to engage as many people as possible to work in mutually beneficial partnerships with the passionate, creative people who develop realistic short-term and long-term solutions with measurable results for Puerto Rico.

While we think it natural to begin by reaching out to the millions of proud Puerto Ricans across the globe, we sincerely and gratefully welcome with open arms our non-Puerto Rican friends and family who wish to join us in our efforts.

Please join us at our first diaspora conference in October 2016.

You can support our vision of positive change in Puerto Rico with a donation starting at just $5.